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COVID-19 Response: Peer-to-Peer skill-based simulation

Train to perfection

Implement skills development training in donning and doffing PPE in a way that allows clinicians to practice until confident and competent. This e-learning course and scenarios for peer-to-peer skills enables healthcare providers to train effectively with minimal facilitators required. 

A guided e-learning experience

Developed in accordance with Laerdal’s existing Peer-to-Peer Skills Development programs, this e-learning course for both facilitators and learners allows you to effectively implement peer-to-peer learning in donning and doffing PPE for clinicians.

Get access to learning materials, SimPad scenarios and resources to ensure successful implementation.

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Specially developed SimPad scenarios

Based on best practice guidelines from the CDC and validated by healthcare professionals in Europe and Australia, the scenario checklists offer a clear step-by-step process of skills the learner should be able to demonstrate:

  • Donning PPE
  • Doffing PPE
  • Nasopharyngeal swab

Step-by-step checklists of skills the learner should be able to demonstrate.

P2P SimPad 2.png

Comprehensive feedback for both learner and instructor in the event log.

P2P SimPad 3.png

Improve clinical competence

It’s proven that peer learning activities can yield many positive results, including higher student engagement, increased confidence, improved competency and overall higher achievement and greater productivity in terms of learning outcomes.

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