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Emergency Care & Trauma

SimMan Vascular

Improving Patient Outcomes with Acute Intervention Procedures

SimMan Vascular has all the functionality of the SimMan family and now includes Mentice’s VIST technology to extend the immersive training course potential to the Endovascular Specialists, Cath Lab team and Pre-Hospital care providers.

With realistic anatomy, accurate clinical functionality, easy-to-use software, and integrated video debriefing, SimMan Vascular includes all the SimMan functionality; providing the opportunity to practice many basic and advanced clinical skills without risk to patients. SimMan Vascular includes Acute endovascular care and is educationally effective for the practice of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills for a wide range of health care professionals encompassing all areas of patient care.

In collaboration with Mentice

With Mentice technology, the specialty area of Endovascular treatment enables additional areas of Acute care pathways-team and individual skills training including EMS, Nursing, Cath-Lab team, Interventionists, Anestaesiology and Radiation Safety.

Increased Realistic Training and Utilisation

With SimMan Vascular, individuals and teams can train in the actual environment in which they work- such as pre/ in-hospital, ambulance or even in a military combat environment. Completely wireless, self-contained, rugged and reliable, SimMan Vascular delivers innovative and immersive training when and where it is needed.

Vascular Trauma

• Situation Analysis
• Dynamic Patient Monitor
• REBOA- “pre or in-Hospital”
• Partial REBOA
• Diagnostic Evaluation
• Pelvic Embolization

Vascular Procedures

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Vascular Trauma & Embolization
  • Aortic Balloon Occlusion-REBOA
  • Real “off the shelf ” Clinical Devices


• Procedural Planning
• Coronary Catheterization
• Ballooning
• Stenting
• Aspiration
• Temporary Wire

Patient Monitor

• Dynamic Response
• Aortic Balloon Occlusion
• ST-Elevation
• Ventricular Fibrillation
• No-Reflow
• Perforations

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